One of the most difficult and heart-breaking experiences in life is to lose a loved one. You go through a hard period before you accept it.

Leigh Anne was mourning her husband’s death who passed away aged 42 after a seven-month fight with cancer.

Mom of three kids, Anne lives in a small Nebraskan town, that means she has to think about how to deal with snowstorms at intervals throughout the year.

That’s exactly what happened, after one snowstorm, her porch was all covered in snow. But what she caught on her Ring video doorbell has completely warm her heart.

It was in the aftermath of a snowstorm that Leigh Anne first spotted a FedEx truck parked on her street. At the time, she was struggling to put air back into her tires, with the cap proving difficult to remove.

She recognized the FedEx driver, Brian, from his usual route throughout her neighborhood, and asked if he could assist. Brian was all too happy to oblige.

The pair got talking as Brian worked, and it was then that he learned of the tragic situation involving her deceased husband.

Leigh Anne was facing the prospect of raising and taking care of three young children, as well as having to deal with the grief that accompanies someone you love passing on.

Suffice to say, fighting a battle against the snow accumulated in front of her house was something Leigh Anne could have done without.

Fortunately Brian instantly recognized this, and without asking he took it upon himself to help her out in a big way.

Little did he know that Leigh Anne’s Ring doorbell was going to catch him in the act of clearing the snow from her porch!

“Doorbell cameras don’t only catch people stealing packages,” Leigh Ann wrote of the incident on Facebook.

Watch Brian’s act of unsolicited kindness in the video below:

It’s small acts of kindness and compassion that can often mean a lot than people realize, especially when the benefactors are at a turning point in their lives.

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