He feels something brush against him in water, sees tiny foot float to surface. Now he’s being called a “Hero”

Angelo, a 32-year old plumber from Colorado was spending some time with his family at the Windsor Lake when their peaceful vacation took a drastic turn moments later.

Angelo was wading through the waters, with the water on a waist-deep level when he felt something against his leg. Angelo kicked his leg so that he could bring whatever touched upwards. He was shocked to see the foot of a little girl floating to the surface.

The body of the little girl named Sitali was cold and lifeless. Angelo pulled her out of the water. The girl’s skin was blue and was unconscious. With the help of two nurses and Angelo, they performed CPR. Sitali was admitted at the Children’s Hospital in Aurora.

Sitali’s family was grateful for the man who saved their child’s life. Angelo visited the girl in the hospital and considered her part of his family.

Angelo was at the right time in the right place. Sitali is recovering in hospital. The little girl was not wearing a life vest when she drowned. Angelo promises to avail the flotation devices and life vests to families that cannot afford.

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