A woman named Rountree lost her beloved mixed-breed dog, Abby, when the canine broke free from her leash and collar. Despite searching their yard and asking neighbors if they had seen Abby, the Rountrees couldn’t locate their furry friend. They also checked regularly at their local shelter, but to no avail.

However, luck was on Rountree’s side when she showed up for her regular shift at Walmart in Dothan, Alabama, where she works as a cashier. Just as she was about to give up hope of finding Abby, a commotion ensued in the store, and her colleagues and shoppers started pointing at a dog that had wandered in.


The black dog ran up to Rountree’s checkout register, and she was shocked to see that it was Abby. Rountree’s colleague, Robinette, who is also an animal lover, recounted the incident in a Facebook post that later went viral.

Initially, Rountree couldn’t believe that the dog was her missing Abby, but as soon as she called out her name, Abby came running to her. Rountree was overwhelmed with emotion and in complete shock that Abby had been found after being missing for three weeks. She hugged Abby tightly and couldn’t express her feelings to the people who had gathered around her.


After being separated for three weeks, Rountree’s reunion with her beloved dog Abby was nothing short of miraculous. The heartwarming tale of their reunion, which went viral after Robinette shared it on Facebook along with some photos, left many people in awe.

Danielle Robinette/Facebook (Copyright)

Abby, a clever (or perhaps lucky) pup, somehow found her way to Rountree’s place of work at Walmart, where she was joyfully reunited with her mom. Robinette’s Facebook post caught the attention of many, including the local newspaper and even The Washington Post, making it a national story.

Rountree is still curious about where Abby was during those three weeks, but is grateful to whoever gave her dog something to eat. Although they had always expected Abby to turn up at their house, they never considered other places as an option for their reunion. The fact that Abby managed to find Rountree at Walmart was truly remarkable.

Clive Wynne, director of the Canine Science Collaboratory at Arizona State University, explained that it’s possible Abby recognized the Walmart store because of her previous walks in the woods behind or in the store’s parking lot. Although dogs’ navigation isn’t perfect, they recognize important landmarks, and Abby may have had a powerful emotional bond with her owner that helped guide her back home.

Abby’s qualities as a loving but laid-back dog were evident to anyone who met her. Her reunion with Rountree was a much-needed moment of joy and hope in a world that can often seem bleak

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