She Was Filming Her Pregnant Friend Taking Selfie with Tiger. Watch When Cat Notices Her “Bump”

Many pets wouldn’t really know that you’re pregnant, but they do sense the changes in your moods and hormones. Well, maybe it’s because dogs and cats are small and don’t have that much of wild senses. But what of a huge wild cat?

Turns out, tigers can sense much more than just hormonal change. Case in point is when this pregnant lady showed up at a zoo to watch a tiger. Usually, this big cat would ignore everyone and go about his business, but not when a pregnant woman shows up. Must watch!

When Natasha Handshoe stood on the other side of the glass, the tiger noticed her and walked over to have a “chat” with the baby growing inside her. You must want to see what this animal did. It’s awesome. He can clearly sense the pregnancy, and he loves it already!

Click the video and watch as the tiger warms up to Natasha in a mind-blowing way that had everyone holding their breaths.

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