Mom Visits the Grave of her Fallen Soldier Son, Spots Mysterious Boy Leaving Note on Son’s Tombstone

A 7-year-old boy, Mason, accompanied his mom to go place flowers on the fallen soldiers’ graves at the Wilmington National Cemetery, but the event turned into something else when Mason suddenly broke off from his mom and run to a particular grave. His mom found the boy at the grave of Sgt. TJ Butler.

Mason looked awed. His mom, Sarah, was panicked. She didn’t know what was going on even as the little boy started asking so many questions about the fallen soldier. He wanted to keep visiting his grave and placing flowers there. One day, he left a drawn picture and a note on the tombstone. He had to keep them in a plastic bag so they wouldn’t be damaged. Brilliant!

One day, the soldier’s mom showed up and found the note! This video captures that moment when the little boy gets to meet the soldier’s mom. It’s such a great moment! Watch it all as it happened and be sure to SHARE with all your friends on Facebook. Drop a comment too!

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