He Found Bible Fused To A Piece Of Steel… But What It Said Made Him Broke Down In Tears..

Joel Meyerowitz is a great photographer. In 2001, something happened to him and made him cry at work.

Joel was taking photos at Ground Zero just after the 9/11 attack. The scenes were horrible; far agonizing than anyone has ever seen in this country. But he had to do his job. While at it, a firefighter approached him and handed him something that’s now making everyone shed tears!

It was a piece of steel with a Bible page on it. To be more precise, a Bible page had fallen on a piece of molten steel and hardened up with it, and now the writings were forever displayed on the steel. It was a moment of shock for Joel. Even more shocking was the particular verse displayed on the piece of steel. It’s like it was chosen for a reason. He cried!

Joel kept the piece with him along other salvaged stuff. In 2010, he gave it out to be placed in a Memorial for the victims of the attack. The moment you see it and read that verse, you’ll want to cry too!

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