Freddie Mercury, the legendary musician with the most unique charisma that attracted millions of fans from around the world.

The Queen leader singer sadly passed away too soon from an AIDS related illness on 24 November, 1991 when he was just 45-year-old, only one day after he confirmed rumors that he had the disease.

His sudden death saw an outpouring of grief from music fans across the globe, rarely seen before – or since.

He was an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind performer, but above all else, he was an incredible musician, the creator of the most played – and most memorable – songs of all time, including the classic single ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

So as a die-hard Queen fan, it really warms my heart to see this kind of performance.

This contestant wasn’t only brave to audition in Russia’s The Voice, edition 2014, with a Queen song, but the contestant also came up in front of the huge crowd dressed up like Freddie!

At first, probably everyone thought it was a man performing this amazing impersonation, but underneath this perfect makeup was a woman named Ksena Sergienko. And it didn’t take long time for her to convince all the judges, audience, and TV viewers.

Moment Sergienko opened her mouth, she instantly proved that her choice of songs “The Show Must Go On” was on point. The crowd went wild, the judges were watching in complete awe, even one of them was deeply moved by her performance he couldn’t help but tear up.

Watch the video yourself and, i’m sure you’ll be amazed by this awesome audition just like everyone else. You’ll probably feel yourself going back in time and watching this. Freddie Mercury would be proud of this talented woman!

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