Girl gives mom’s boyfriend mysterious box on her graduation day – He opens it and crumples to the floor crying

Lauren Hernandez and Joe Losco came to know each other when she was just a year old. Joe was Lauren’s mother’s boyfriend. From then on, Joe cared for her and treated Lauren like his own daughter. They lived a good life, and that was amped up many times more when she graduated from high school. You want to know what happened!

After the graduation, Lauren wanted to do something to thank her dad, Joe, for being there for her all the while she grew up to age 18, so she decided to write something for him. A poem that would bring the man crumbling down like a smashed cookie. It’s so touching. Sentimental. I can almost feel it!

Watch as Joe gets the gift box, opens it and goes on to read the incredibly emotional poem. To make things even more dramatic, there’s something else at the bottom of the box. Papers. He didn’t expect this!

Check out the full video here to find out what kind of papers he found:

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