One intuitive mother saved her grandchild from her daughter’s evil plans. 19-year-old Sarai Rodrigues was not happy sharing her home with her brother, his wife, and her 11-months-old niece.  On the contrary, Sarai’ s mother is welcoming and allowed her son and his fiancée to stay at her home in January 2017.

The loving woman allowed her extended family to stay for longer. However, the idea did not sit well with Sarai. Sarai’s mother suspected something was amiss in her home. She went through her daughter’s cellphone and found shocking text messages

Sarai sent some text to her boyfriend with details of how she attempted to kill her 11-months-old niece. The messages bore no regrets or remorse. Her mother came across a photo of mortar, a pestle, and an unidentified white powdery substance.

Sarai’s mom checked the milk in the refrigerator. There were two bottles. The milk in the taller bottle was dark-colored and had a greenish tinge at the bottom.

Toxicology analysis revealed the milk contained Excedrin pills. Sarai was reported to the police and ran away. One year later, she was found and arrested in Michigan.

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