Forget the age and the hullabaloo surrounding it. If you’re 100 and still feel young, then you’re young. This has been proven more times than we can count. It’s the truth!

You see, having lived through a century doesn’t mean you’ll be too weak to hold your coffee. If you do the rights to guard your health, then age and all the bad stuff associated with it can as well fly over your head!

Case in point is this story of one Morris “Swede” Rovick. Morris has spent a whole century on this planet, and he doesn’t seem ready to be parting any time soon. In fact, he’s still in for more dance and birthday parties. On his 100th birthday, Morris invited his guests to his 125th birthday party!

Now, forget the parties with all the sweet cakes going around. What’s particularly thrilling about this guy is his penchant for a good dance. Morris won’t let a good beat go to waste. He always steps out to the floor!

Now click here, sit back, and enjoy this incredible dance. Is that a 100-year-old guy?

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