This grandpa decided to take his two little grandchildren into a turn through the city, but minutes later, their day took another more fun turn for the three of them. As the trio were walking along the sidewalk, they heard something that quickly inspired them to take a break and let loose.

They heard some good music nearby, Grandpa and the girls couldn’t help but bust some dance moves that make all the passers-by turn their heads. Grandpa can still shuffle dance just like any other younger man and keep up with almost anybody it seems.


We’re glad that one of the people who were watching recorded the whole performance and shared the video online for the entire world to see. This video is just one of the many videos that prove age is just a number and people, no matter how old they are, still can do whatever they want!

You Care Everywhere website that dance is one of the best activities for those who are feeling the effects of aging. And it’s pretty easy and has amount of health benefits: moving around for a few minutes each day can build muscle, keep your core active and your heart healthy.


Not only in the physical side, but dancing has many advantages in the mental and social aspects: Dancing can get you rid of boredom and can make you get closer with other people who love to dance.

Joining a group dance class can help you making new friends, laugh and have fun with other people who want to stay active later in life. This grandpa obviously understands the effects of dancing, this is why we can see him enjoying the dance with his sweet granddaughters.


Instead of watching his granddaughters dancing to the music, Grandpa walked up to them and danced too! It’s hard to believe he’s decades older by the way he moves.

YouTube commentators marveled at Grandpa’s smooth styling on the sidewalk. They couldn’t grasp the fact that this guy could keep up with the girls and how truly amazing their routine really was.


Take a peek at their awesome dance party in the clip below. What a fun grandfather!

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