When you’re getting old and have sons, daughters and grandkids walking around, you get to realize just how much you’ve accomplished. It’s even lovelier when these people appreciate you and the life you’ve shared with them. It’s such a nice feeling having people throw a party just for you. That’s what this 98-year-old must have felt on her birthday. What’s more? Her own grandson made her cry!

This guy knew that his grandma’s birthday was coming up, and he had plans to make it the greatest day of her life, so he came up with one cool idea. He wanted to sing for her, to serenade her. But it’s the song that’ll leave you with a “heartful” of love!

He chose Natty King Cole’s “Unforgettable,” and it totally reached into the old lady’s deepest in her heart. When he started singing, the grandma couldn’t handle it. It was so full emotion that it got her reaching for a tissue. This is just good!

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