When YouTuber Walter Roberts shared this video, he just wanted to let people see hunters saving a trapped animal. But now the clip has gone viral with so much appreciation going to the hunters.

It all started when a group of ethical hunters went out to do their business in the wild. While at it, they came across this miserable creature trapped in a foot trap. The wolf was in pain. The poor animal was desperate. These guys need to do something!

Being hunters, you would expect them to just shoot the damn thing and carry it off as a trophy, or even sell it for a fortune. But that’s not what mama raised these guys to do to innocent animals. You’ll love to see what happened next!

These people must have hearts of gold. They actually laid their hunting guns aside and got the poor wolf off the trap. And they let it go!

The video has now reaching over 4 million views and counting, with people coming out to commend the hunters for their great job. Click and watch the video.

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