Teen finds out his 91-year-old grandma is terminally ill, gives her the surprise of her lifetime

Every teen in America has a plan for the Prom night. This is the ultimate night that is remembered for the rest of their lives. It’s their chance to create a lively memory of their last moments in High School. Some even arrive at the venue in caskets while others spice stuff up clad in DIY regalia. It’s always a lovely night!

But once in a while, someone pulls out a card that sends the world drooling at a video like this one. It’s the teens like 17-year-old Stephan Vigil that steal people’s hearts by stepping out of the crowd. On his prom night, Vigil decided to bring his grandma with him!

At 91 and suffering from a terminal illness, you would think that Julia Vigil Jarman wasn’t in a position to dance or sing, but what happened on that night is flooding people’s hearts with warmth. In fact, Stephan had to request the school administration to allow this to happen, and they did!

Now you need to watch this incredibly thrilling clip and fall in love too. You know the song playing, and you love it. Watch that!

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