Husband wants wife to keep her gray hair – instantly changes his mind when he sees her incredible transformation

What would you do if a team of professional stylists offer you a whole new look?  would you take it? For two lovely women at the Today Show, it turned out to be their lucky day when they were selected from the audience for a makeover.

Lourdes Hembrick is 52 years old and lives in Texas with her husband. She was just standing on the street watching the “Today Show” being filmed when she was randomly picked out of the crowd and offered a makeover.

Lourdes was a bit hesitant at first, but she was also thrilled about what the stylists would do.

On the other hand, her husband was a little nervous, he said that he liked her graying hair and didn’t want them to be colored.

That was before he saw her new look. His reaction? His jaw hit the floor and admitted that she looks absolutely stunning!

His priceless reaction is something you shouldn’t miss. You can see how much he was satisfied with the outcome. Lourdes too, got so emotional he couldn’t hold back her tears especially after seeing how much her hubby was happy with her new look. The couple quickly won everyone’s hearts!

The second woman was Pam Kincheloe, who has juggled several careers and has been a nurse, midwife and lawyer.

She admits that she hasn’t touched her hair for quiet some time, but she is also looking forward to get a good new look.

She went to the plaza with her daughter-in-law and granddaughter and got a makeover that left everyone with her in shock!

See the two women’s incredible makeovers in the video below:

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