Vernon Barnard is a blind young man who recently decided to audition for “The Voice” with the One Direction song “Story Of My Life.” As soon as he started to sing, Vernon completely blew the judges away with his incredible talent.

Seconds into the song, judge Bobby Van Jaarsveld turned his chair around, and he burst into tears when he saw Vernon. The singer soon got two other judges to turn around as well, which just goes to show how talented he really is.

Vernon did not let his impaired eyesight stop him from winning over the judges and the audience, who went absolutely wild when he finished his song.

Video of his performance has quickly gone viral, being viewed over nineteen million times! Social media users all over the world can’t get enough of Vernon’s incredible talent.

“I’ve countless singing auditions and have never heard a voice as unique as his. So much soul and emotion,” one user commented, with another adding, “His voice is so powerful and strong and full of experiences.”

“I wanna give him a hug so badly,” a third user wrote.

Check out his performance for yourself in the video below!

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