Judges Accused Her of Lip Syncing and Cut Her Off. Then They Demand Her to Sing A Capella..

When she showed up for a singing contest on Ukraine’s X Factor, Aida Nikolaychuk was just a cashier trying to use her hidden talent to break into the world stage. The 29-year-old would go on to steal hearts and transform into the most loved singer in the country. But it’s what happened on this one occasion that set the stage for her greatness!

So Aida shows up onstage and gets set to take on a song. She chose to sing “Lullaby” by a Russian singer named Polina Gagarina. She starts out, hitting all the right notes and sending the judges to “stunville.” About 2 minutes into her performance, the judges have whispered among themselves and came to a conclusion. She has to stop singing!

They had suspected that she was probably just lip-syncing to an already recorded song blasting in the background.  She was just too good! They needed her to sing another song, so they asked her to sing a cappella. Well, what happened next made her a winner for the season and put her among the models concert celebrities.

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