Everyone loves to dance to his favorite song. You may be driving when the song suddenly comes up on the radio, making you turn up the volume and sing along, or you may be just dancing to it in your living room. It’s safe to say that the song you’re about to listen to in the video below is definitely going to make you get up and shake it up.

The performance was put on by preschoolers and kindergarteners, but that doesn’t mean it is anything less than amazing. You’ll get into the holiday spirit when you see how adorable these little performers really are. They steal the show but in a completely innocent way for sure!

These young kids go to school at Saint Elizabeth Childcare Facility, which is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. While we are not quite sure how old the video is, we do know that it has made the rounds around the internet. We are so happy that it has been immortalized forever. It is just too cute to lose.

The children started off their performance standing nervously on stage. Sure, they were probably a bit scared as they saw so many faces in the audience watching them.

However, it is easy to see that many of them are also excited to be in the spotlight. Some of them are staring out into the audience, trying to find where their family and friends are sitting.

When the first song comes on, the kids begin to dance. They are supposed to dance to a routine that their teacher taught them.

Mostly, it was supposed to be about standing in place, gesturing with their arms and hands, and singing. However, there are a number of kids who aren’t content with that. You can see them getting really enthusiastic about their performance.

The song, “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree,” has been a big hit for decades. The song was written in 1958 by Johnny Marks and has been remade by dozens of performers over the years. This particular version was sung by Brenda Lee, a musical prodigy who started her career at the tender age of ten.

This particular performance has added a lot of life and love to the song. We can’t believe how much energy these children have, but we are so happy that their performance was caught on film for all of us to see.

What did you think of these spirited children? Leave us a comment and then pass this along to others to see what they think, too!

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