Lioness is ready to attack. Moments later, no one can believe when she opens her jaw

It’s not every day that something happens and threatens to disrupt the very order of nature. For example, imagine a situation where a hungry lion creeps up to a little wildebeest in search of a meal, but instead of pouncing on the “meal” and having it all for itself, the lion decides to pull a surprise. Well, you get the drift!

Not just the drift. It’s something real. It’s exactly what happens in this clip right here. In the video, you see this scene of a lion and a small wildebeest calf. The scene was captured by some breathless tourists who thought the lion was on the hunt for some lunch. Not one of them was prepared for what really happened next!

Turns out, this lion liked the little creature. Instead of launching a vicious attack, the lion goes on a charm offensive to befriend the wildebeest. She even protects her from a second lion that comes out to attack the little animal. Unbelievable!

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