Little blonde girl stands on stage – Few seconds into audition, unexpected twist leaves judges stunned

No one including the judges had a single idea of what this adorable little blonde girl was about to do when she stepped into the Ukraine’s Got Talent stage. With her hair in a ponytail and wearing a blue and white dress, she grabbed the attention of the entire crowd.

They smiled seeing this beautiful little girl, they probably expected a sweet song, something that fits a girl at her age. Seconds later, they were totally wrong.

To say that she has an incredible talent is an understatement.

The moment the music starts, the judges were taken aback as they recognized what the little girl was about to sing.

It turns out, she has a very unique voice that’s able to charm everyone. However, the shock doesn’t end her. Just a few seconds into her performance, the little girl’s act suddenly changes completely.

The result? Well, the reactions from the judges and crowd say it all. Just watch below:

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