It was while a little boy of 11 years known as Connor Fitz-Gerald was playing with other kids at the sand dunes of Marina Dunes when he made some shocking discovery.

While the kids were busy excavating tiny sand tunnel caves just to pass time, Connor Fitz-Gerald happened to find a small girl of about 5 years old known as Alyssa Bostic, totally covered up alive with the sand. The little girl had managed to dig a cave but unfortunately it fell and buried her completely for some time. Connor started excavating her out beginning with her head.

The girl had become unconscious with the sand filled in her nose, eyes and mouth. After managing to completely excavate her body, he immediately started performing CPR on her until she regained consciousness.

Connor was alone without no company of grown-ups at that time. The CPR he had done on her was something he had learned by watching NCIS, a television show.

Tim Fitz-Gerald, Connor’s dad, revealed that he was happy his son was able to save a life without the help of an adult who were a quarter a mile away.

After her parents returned, they contacted the paramedics who revealed that had it not been that Connor was present, things could have turned worse for her.

Currently, Alyssa is doing fine and as for Connor, the American Legion Auxiliary gave him a National Youth Hero Award.

Given Connor’s young age, it’s amazing he was able to stay calm and level-headed in such a life-threatening situation. Way to go, Connor!

Watch the video:

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