Little girl breaks it down and dances to her favorite song while her family absolutely loses it

It appears Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars have found themselves a diehard fan. Little Katie cannot keep still whenever “Uptown Funk” comes up. She begins her energetic dance coupled with all the energy and charisma she can muster.

Katie’s family enjoys watching the little girl dance. “Uptown Funk” reached the top 100 charts and has won several awards. The beat will make you break into a dance, and it will not even stop Katie from dancing along.

It does not matter where Katie is; she will not mind dancing.  For instance, she decided the middle of the kitchen floor is the best place to dance.  Children have a way of enjoying the simple things in life. It is exciting to watch the young girl express fun through dancing without a worry in the world.

You will love the way she shakes and swings to the upbeat rhythm. The little lady has serious talent. Watch the little girl in action and laugh your heart out.

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