Road rage is a common occurrence. However, some cases are very extreme and violent.

A dash-cam captured such an incident that featured two cars driving on the same lane. One car stopped, and the driver kicked the doors of the other car. It was such an angry outburst!

Some drivers are not comfortable with traffic merging.  As the lanes merge, one driver blocks the other driver from making an entry. They drive side by side.  None of them budges, and one of the drivers is pushed onto the shoulder of the road.

The truck driver eventually changes lanes giving the car enough room to get in the lane. The driver in the small car catches up with the truck and hell breaks loose. The driver gets out of his car and starts slapping the passenger’s arm in the pickup truck.

The driver of the silver car gets angry and leaves his car. He goes to the passenger’s side of the truck and attempts to attack the occupants. He realizes he is unsuccessful and resorts to kicking the truck.

Legally, the truck driver was right. The driver of the silver car is just reckless.  Watch the video and let us know what you think.

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