A sea lion did something that sent a reeling shock down the spines of all the spectators. You’ll find it very hard to believe this! But there’s the clear video!

So this family went out to have some good fun. While at it, they took their little girl to feed the sea lion near the waters. The girl was standing very safely on the Stevenson dock as she dispensed some food to the sea creature. She wore a white dress. Well, that’s probably what got her in trouble.

Suddenly, the sea lion lashed at her and dragged her into the water. Luckily, there was a man standing by. He dived right into the water and came out with the girl, all safe and sound. The people were astonished, almost hysterical. Can you imagine this? It’s shocking!

This clip was captured by another person with a camera at the site. It’s believed that the sea lion thought the girl’s white dress to be a piece of fish and the animal was just trying to reach out to it.

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