Soldier Is Allowed To Fly and Meet His Newborn Baby, Now Watch When His 2-Year-Old Son Sees Him..

John Vorrath’s documentary has found a way into our hearts again. The video was released on YouTube in 2014 has been viewed over 700,000 times.

John Vorrath is a National Guard Sergeant deployed to the Middle East. The sergeant returned home to join his family on temporary leave. Before John returned home, his pregnant was preparing for their daughter’s delivery. John did not get the chance to witness his daughter’s birth because he was denied leave at the time.

The father of two watched the live video, and he was allowed to surprise his wife, son, and the newborn. After the birth of his child, John took the 22-hour flight to the US.  John made his way straight to the hospital to meet his one-day-old daughter. He gives his wife a warm embrace. Fifteen minutes later, his two-year-old son walks into the hospital and meets his father for the first time since deployment. It was one of the most priceless reunions between son and dad.

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