Would you stop to help a stranger in need?

YouTube stars set up a social experiment to test how people would react to a man beating up a woman. Statistics show that one out of four women faces domestic violence.

The video has garnered over 17 million views. Abuse is a tough subject and people have different reactions.

In the United States, 20 people per minute face abuse from others. It translates to thousands of people in the long run.

Most of the victims choose to stay, not knowing how to escape. More startling statistics reveal that more than a third of the female population and a fourth of the male will suffer some form of abuse in their lifetime.

The YouTubers set up cameras in the bushes along a busy running path. They waited for a group of people to approach then the man would push, shove, and “hit” the woman.

Others were kind enough to help and others steered clear of the confrontation. Others walked past them as if nothing was happening.

Watch and see what unfolded.

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