We have seen countless adorable and emotional wedding proposals, but certainly not like this one. Lee Loechler decided to come up with something more special for his girlfriend Sthuthi David. Lee took Sthuthi to watch her favorite Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty”, but she had no idea there was more to expect than an ordinary movie night. and her boyfriend spent months preparing for this special date.

During the pivotal scene in “Sleeping Beauty,” the prince leans over to give the princess the kiss that will wake her from her enchanted sleep. Watching this scene, David started getting confused, thinking that the movie was having technical difficulties.

According to PerthNow, Loechler spent six months painstakingly re-animating this scene, turning Sleeping Beauty and the prince into animated versions of himself and his girlfriend. Animated Lee Loechler kissed the animated Sthuthi David, who opened her eyes and smiled.

Animated Loechler smiled broadly and opened a ring box, and then he appeared to toss the ring box to his real-life counterpart in the movie audience. Kneeling down, real Loechler opened the ring box and showed it to David. The whole audience began cheering. She realized what was going on, looked around, and worried that they were interrupting the whole movie that others were watching.

She was stunned to learn that the entire movie audience was filled with their friends and family, who were in on the surprise. Amazed laughter was one of her initial reactions as she looked around and her friends waved and cheered.

Loechler’s thoughtful words to David began with how special it was to propose to his high school sweetheart. He then paused to speak to his animated counterpart in the movie who started looking at a ticking watch impatiently.

The proposal continued with Loechler telling his girlfriend that he loves her with all of his heart, including all of its ventricles, atria, and valves. He mentioned the heart details, because she’s a cardiologist. He ended by asking her to live “happily ever after” with him.

Through her amazement, she simply said, “Yes!” and the couple hugged, celebrated, and laughed. As the movie ended and the credits rolled, additional custom-animation details showed up, and David continued laughing in amazement.

Needless to say, it was an unforgettable movie date. And their custom-animated movie will be their treasure for years to come. Leaving the movie, the couple looked back at the movie’s outdoor marquee, which read, “Congratulations, Sthuthi & Lee.”

People say that Lee Loechler has raised the bar for amazing proposals. What do you and your friends think?

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