Man spots toddler standing in middle of road, steps closer and realizes something is terrifyingly wrong

The shocking scene happened in Cincinnati, Ohio where a married couple came across a disturbing sight when they were driving home from the grocery store. They were startled to see a lone toddler standing in the middle of the road in broad daylight. To believe it, the husband stopped the car, the toddler then turned and started to wave at them. The moment he realized what was going on, the man instantly jumped out of the car and ran to the little girl, screaming “Whose baby is this?!” The horrifying scene was all captured on the couple’s dash cam.

People who heard the man shouting came running out from a nearby backyard. A woman, who he concluded she was the mother, said something like “I thought you were sleeping.” “Are you kidding me?!” the man exclaimed as he handed her the child and walked away to call the police.

If the good couple didn’t saw the little girl and step in to do the right thing, that mother could have lost her child forever, a car could hit the poor child or someone could take her away. The uploader says he shared the video online not to blame the parent, but to use it as an urgent reminder for all. “Know where your kids are,” he says. “It only takes a second and your kids can be gone or worse.”

Watch the whole incident in the video below:

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