Man Stands in Empty Field And Loudly Yells. Moments Later, Internet Gasps At “Herd” Running Up To Him

If you’ve ever seen or read about elephants, you’ll gladly agree that these creatures are actually one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. An elephant can love with its whole heart and even retain some fond memories. You’ll want some proof of this, and that’s what this video right here is all about!

So here’s a guy, whose name is Darrick, and he works at the Elephant Nature park in Thailand. Now, Darrick has managed to forge a really strong connection with the elephants in the famous park, and he’s always ready to receive some love in return. Now this video is just one of those numerous moments that this guy is on the receiving of the elephant’s affection. Get set for this!

In the video, you see him in the middle of an empty field, and he starts yelling. Before you brand him “crazy,” some elephants emerge in a run from far edge of the field. Now you won’t believe this! Turns out, it’s the custom signal for calling the elephants!

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