Were it not for this smart family, 2-year-old Ben would be long dead by now. But fate works in mysterious ways!

It happened as Tracy and her hubby Willner were driving in traffic in a busy road in Colorado Springs. That’s when they saw a man throwing something into the middle of the busy road. They stopped, almost hitting the “object.” And then this!

It was a little baby boy! OMG! This man had thrown a child into traffic. Tracy held the crying kid as Willner went after the crook. Turns out, this guy was Ben’s cousin and had accused the little one of being a devil. What?!

The man was taken into custody and is now facing charges in attempted murder and child abuse. He even tried to deny it! The boy had sustained some injuries and was taken to the hospital. Watch the full story here and you’ll gasp. It’s astonishing!

This is heart-wrenching, to say the least.

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