Probably everyone heard of Steve Harvey, the funniest and the most selfless host on the American television, Millions adore him for his loving personality and philanthropic actions. He is indeed one of the remarkable television hosts we have.

In 2010, Steve was hosting a classic game show named Family Feud when he met one determined contestant. The contestant was desperate to win. When Steve heard his reason, it made perfect sense.

It is absolutely normal to get emotional or very nervous while playing this kind of games. I mean, who doesn’t want to win cash? But this one contestant was on an other level, he was so nervous he sweated so profusely, producers asked him to change his shirt. His struggle and fight to win as a lot as he can was so obvious it made Harvey question his story.. and that’s when everything changed…

Fortunately, after the three days, the contestant finally won the prize of $20,000. The man broke down to his knees, sobbing with emotion; unable to control the tears that ran down his face.

Steve approached the man during the commercial break. Steve learned that the man was terminally ill and he had only three months left to live. Because of his illness, and lack of insurance, he was worried about the family he’s going to leave behind.

The contestant’s predicament explained his extreme reaction. Steve was first shocked, but he then immediately offered something that the doctors could not. He gave the man a reason to fight for another day. To see what Steve did, watch the video below:

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