If you’re well active in the social circle, then you know what it means to have a BFF (short for Best Friend Forever). It’s even better when you’ve a few of them, and this cute lady in the story got a first-hand experience of this goodness. You want to know!

When Lillian Skinner entered her senior year in high school, some nasty bullies came for her. They lied to her that she was about to get nominated for the Homecoming Queen contest. It was such a horrible lie. When the list was finally read out and her name was missing, Lillian was heartbroken. The bullies had their way, but not so fast with her friends. Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez set out to take revenge on behalf of their hurt friend. What they did? You’ll love this!

They campaigned hard to win the Homecoming Queen tittle, and they had a reason for that. Anahi was announced winner, but she had other secret agenda to see her through. Instead of taking the crown, she stunned everyone with a special announcement. Lillian Skinner wore the crown!

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