Military Parents Go To Visit Premature Child, But Driver Stopped Them At The Door. Next? I Didn’t See THIS Coming!

Some people may be so adamant of the good things that they can’t fathom finding themselves in a bad situation. Well, you never know.

When Robert and Breanna delivered a son, it was found that Carter was 4 months premature. The military couple had to travel back and forth to see their son in the hospital. To make it worse, Carter’s weight was reducing and his kidneys were failing. Even worse, the couple’s car broke down and they had to rely on well-wishers to give them rides to and from the hospital. Sad!

But there’s Don Forman of the United Nissan, and there’s the FOX5 Surprise Squad whose main job is to bring people to tears with incredible surprises. So the two parties got together to smoothen out the difficulties in this couple’s life. The plan was elaborate, and now you’re itching to watch it happen live on camera!

Click the video and watch out for the moment the driver stops at the hospital door. Next? Surprise! And then the good news! The couple was finally able to take their kid home in better condition. Wow!

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