Military Wife Receives Divorce Email From Her Deployed Husband. 2 Weeks Later, She Did THIS… UNBELIEVABLE!!

There are many issues that threaten to break relationships and marriages. such as weight and financial issues. Here is the story of one woman that will leave you touched once you read it and watch the clip below.

Kaillin, a military wife, weighed almost 200lbs in 2011. Kaillin was unhappy with her body, had fertility issues and was unhealthy. Her plan was to get in shape and surprise her Navy deployed husband with her new body.

Kailin began eating healthier and did intense workouts such as Insanity and P90X. Unknown to her, her husband had other plans. The man sent her an email telling her he wanted a divorce.

The devastated Kailin used her “divorce tears’” as her motivation for her power workouts. Nothing was going to hold her down.

Kaillin shared her workout routine and progress. She was determined to change her life for the best. You will love her incredible transformation. Watch the video and see what unfolds. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Do you love Kaillin’s new looks?

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