As a parent, you can’t stand the sight of your child crying for an unknown reason, it just breaks your heart.

You can understand if they cry because they fell and got hurt somewhere, or if they’re afraid of the dark, a loud noise for example. However, what if they come from school shedding tears. You weren’t there and you have no idea what could happen at school.

The first thought that comes to mind is your child is probably being bullied by other kids.

However, for mom Kelicia, when she knew that her 4-year-old son Kelon Johnson-Chaney spent the last part of his day at school crying so hard he physically vomited, she couldn’t stand aside and watch her kid in that situation without understanding what was going on.

Kelicia felt something was wrong – Kelon wasn’t sick and didn’t have any health issues. The moment, she found out the truth of the matter, she couldn’t believe it..

When Kelon was sent home from school early, mom Kelicia became alarmed.

Kelicia had no idea that the reason behind her son returning home early and crying his eyes out would be a cause for anger. After knowing that her young son cried to the point of throwing up, she decided to do something about it.

Her four-year-old son started to tell the story: He’d gotten into trouble for laughing in class. The normal disciplinary action of a misbehavior was a time-out – something Kelon’s teacher and teacher’s aid knew very well.

Instead of following the usual guidelines, both Kelon’s teacher and teacher’s aid chose a totally different punishment, one inspired by a book they happened to be reading in class.

The book was called The After-School Monster, and focuses on a little girl who comes home from school to find a giant monster in her closet. The only way for her to defeat him is through channeling her own courage.

Kelon described to his mom how he’d been left locked in a closet for his time-out. But what was more infuriating to Kelicia when hearing her son’s horrible story was when she learned that the teacher had told Kelon that the closet was no ordinary one. She told him that there was a monster in there, as were his classmates, some of whom also spent time in there.

‘You are taking a four-year-old and putting them in a dark closet. That’s like torture. That’s a torture even to an adult that is afraid of the dark. Who locks anybody in a closet?’ angry mother Kelicia Johnson-Chaney said to KENS5.

Both the teacher and the teacher’s aide were immediately suspended without pay, and rightly so!

Watch the whole report in the video below:

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