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I’m about to tell you something I witnessed, and now a video is here to actually put a big stamp on it. This is just inspiring!

Rafael Nadal is not only a world tennis champion but not only that, he’s a class act too. Why? Because he refused to serve during a double so that a mom can do what moms do – find and care for their kids!

It all started when a mom ran out of the crowd looking for her little kid. The innocent child had gotten lost in the crowd and now the mom was all scared and frustrated. She was clearly afraid of losing her child. When he noticed what was going on, Rafael did what kind and smart people do. He stopped playing!

Rafael couldn’t just shrug it off and continue serving his play while a mother was losing a kid. He had to do something, so he stopped the game so the mom could find her child. It’s all captured in this nice video. Now look out for that moment when the kid and mom finally re-unite. Wow! Not even the crowd can calm down!

Don’t forget to watch the moment Rafael Nadal stops a tennis match so a mother can find her daughter in the video below

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