We’ve seen many of tear-jerking moments of soldiers surprinsing their loved ones when these ones expecting them to be overseas, but this one reunion may be the best one so far.Teresa Pearson is a mom of a brave soldier named Austin. Austin has been stationed in South Korea for months, at that moment, she was having a FaceTime call with him when he surprised her.

The best part of this heartwarming reunion is that Teresa was sad Austin wouldn’t be able to make it home for Christmas for the first time. However, it’s not the case, he just wanted shared the news with his father and the two planned for a sweet surprise.

What set the stage for this emotional moment was Austin and his fellow troops all being denied leave when they had applied a month prior to Christmas. He shared that piece of news with her, and the two were heartbroken, but they also knew that this was always possible, not being able to spend holidays together, with him being in the military. However, unbeknownst to her, he later reapplied for leave, and that was, to his relief, approved. He and his father then planned this incredible surprise for Teresa.

One night, she headed to a restaurant to eat dinner. At that moment, Austin FaceTimed her. Wow, that’s perfect timing, she thought. She was so happy that her son, who was presumably 7,000 miles away from their home in Cullman, Ala., could virtually share these few moments together. After they said goodbye and Teresa sighed inwardly, happy to have spoken with him but also wanting so desperately for him to be there with her, the Olive Garden waiter came by to bring her some water. But this wasn’t just a waiter who she had never met before. It was her son.

Unsurprisingly, she was overcome with emotion, gasping and putting her hand over her mouth when she looked up and saw him. She then shrieked, “Oh, my God!” and hugged him with tears flowing out of her eyes. She later said that her heart was pounding, and she was so happy that he’s home. After that emotional moment happened, many others in the restaurant came over to share their appreciation. He told one of the well-wishers that he wanted to kiss the ground when he stepped off the plane.

What’s the best soldier-surprising-loved-ones story that you’ve heard of? Have you been part of one yourself? How do you think you would react if you had been involved in this special moment?

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