For me, I can’t get through my day at work without having my cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter how it is: Black, with milk, strong, weak.. As long as I can drink it.

For people like me who drink coffee every day, it gives them a boost of energy and makes them more focused on the job they’re doing or simply makes them relax while doing nothing. But have you ever imagined that a cup of this good stuff will make you sick one day?

Stephanie Brauns experienced this. The mother, from Michigan, fell sick for six months, but she had no idea that her morning coffee cup is actually the source of her illness until she took a look inside her coffee maker. What she discovered there was a complete nightmare..

A first look made her realize that there’s something wrong inside the machine, then she started digging..

Stephanie is used to drink her first cup of the day at home, but in the last 6 months, she kept having some strange side effects only short time after drinking the coffee.

She told WXYZ News: “It’s interesting because I always have my coffee at home, and within three sips, I sometimes have severe reactions.”

Just minutes after drinking her coffee in the morning, Stephanie finds it hard to keep her breakfast down. Having put up with these conditions for six months, she decided she had to do something.

So, she first thought about checking her coffee machine.

The moment she looked inside at the contents, she came across a shocking sight. Stephanie discovered a putrid layer of calcium build-up, left to develop for years, as well as a brown substance that seemed to be mold.

Stephanie explains: “It was horrifying. Horrifying, was my reaction.”

Stephanie is speaking now to warn other coffee lovers to clean their coffee machines, because her machine manual didn’t mention such instruction to do so.

Thankfully, some coffee machines are pretty easy to clean, but some models like the one Stephanie has are uniquely hard. She says it’s “impossible” unless you dismantle it; something she hasn’t yet been able to do.

You can watch a news report on Stephanie’s terrifying discovery below:

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