Sometimes you happen to ran into a very young kid that defies the natural laws of toddler development. Of those, 2-month-old Christian features very prominently. You must see this!

Christian’s mom is 19-year-old Samantha Jones. She likes to shares some cool clips of her little baby boy with her friends. One day, something happened and now the video is breaking the internet with well over 2 million views. You’re curious!

On this nice day, Samantha was capturing and sharing the baby’s videos when the kid turned and said something. She couldn’t believe it. She was dumbfounded. Was this really happening?

You see, most kids won’t utter an audible word before they age up to around 7 months, but Christian was whole new exception. Can you believe of a 2-month-old baby looking at her mother and saying “hello?” Unlikely. Very unlikely! But Christian did!

Everyone is scrambling all over the internet looking for this stunning video, and that’s why you need to watch it right now. It’s going to make you smile, and you’ll want to SHARE with your friends and family on Facebook. Just do it already!

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