When you’re a kid, you don’t give a hoot about where your parents get money from. All you know is that you need toys and nice treats and such stuff. So, what do you think would happen if a parent tried to talk to their kid about family budgeting?

Apparently, some families aren’t really well off and therefore can’t always afford all the good stuff, so the kids have to be taught about money management and saving.

However, little ones like 2-year-old Mila don’t take such decisions kindly. Mila has been so used to being taken to Target and having the nicest toys and princess dresses that trying to introduce her to any topic other than toys and shopping is received with a bad mood. But it’s her hilarious reaction that’s getting people off their seats!

Mila doesn’t like the idea of budgeting, so she goes before the camera to air her grievances. She’s the most hilarious kid you’ll ever see. She even threatens to find a job for herself! Is she qualified? Watch and see, and then SHARE!

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