Young Kids Step Onstage for Breathtaking Footloose’ Dance That Leaves Everyone in Awe

When Paige and Artyon first appeared for their performance on America’s Got Talent, no one expected the 9-year-old duo to keep making people lose their breath right from the start. Well, the kids did it, and so gracefully that they managed to make it up the competition to compete in the quarter finals. You want to see what they did to people on that good day!

So the two kids stepped up and came onstage with a glowing determination to seal their deal. In the previous appearance, they had hit people with a stunning performance of “Barbie Girl,” and this time around, they were bent on doing more than just making people drool. Just wait till that little lady starts dancing on a table right before the judges faces!

For the quarters, the dynamic duo chose to wow the audience with a catchy performance of one of Kevin Bacon’s 80’s hits, “Footlose.” And these cuties did one heck of a job with that one. This is a must see!

Hit the play button and get your heart stolen by kids.

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