If you know anything about kids, then you know just how tiring it can be dealing with little ones who don’t want to go to bed. Kids are very active, and they can sometimes decide to keep you awake through the night as they play around and make noise.

They’ve a certain sense of independence that makes them want to decide stuff for themselves. They’re like teens, only that they’re too young!

However, the struggles end where a mom’s brilliance sets in. In the clip here, you’ll witness the results of one mom’s sharp trick in managing her kid’s bedtime. She has made the routine so enjoyable for the two little twins that all she has to say is “go to bed,” and what happens next will leave you with a gaping mouth!

Watch as the two mother’s sons sprint across and up the rooms to get to their beds. Once there, they start something else that makes you drool. Watch it all here and learn a few things.

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