When the summer months get too hot to bear, it takes a little bit of creativity to be able to beat the heat while still having fun. Most people choose water as a reliable option of dealing with the heat, but it turns out that sometimes it’s the water that can cause the situation to be a real dangerous one.

A mom from Arizona named Dominique Woodger wanted to find a way to cool off from the Phoenix heat while with her son who was 9 months old by then. She thought it was fun summer activity to bring out her son’s small plastic pool and fill it up with water for him to splash around in. She put the kid into the dry pool tub and dragged over her garden hose, pointing it directly at her son as she turned it on, thinking that water which was cool would feel great overheated body.

However, her son thought otherwise and immediately began shouting. Dominique never anything was out of the ordinary as her son often hated getting water in his face, so she continued to fill up the pool with water. Once saw some marks developing on his skin, she stopped.

The skin had peeled and was full of blisters. She quickly shut off the water source and realized the kind of harm she had exposed her son into.

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