Country music star Morgan Wallen has been making efforts to move on from a controversy that saw him use a racial slur earlier this year. After apologizing to several media outlets, he faced backlash from fans and fellow country music artists, which resulted in him being barred from attending the Country Music Awards in 2021. Wallen responded by donating around $500,000 to various Black-led organizations, including the Black Music Action Coalition, in an attempt to make amends. He has also been focusing on sobriety, which he says made him proud to perform on stage at the Country Music Awards in 2022.

In interviews, Wallen has opened up about his journey to becoming a father to his son Indie, who he welcomed with ex-girlfriend KT Smith in July 2020. Wallen has expressed his desire to instill in his son the same values that his parents taught him, and has been grateful for the opportunity to be a dad. Despite the controversy, Wallen has continued to release new music, including the hit song “You Proof,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs.

Wallen’s son Indie has been shown to be his biggest supporter, cheering him on during his performances from the comforts of their own home. Wallen delivered a moving performance of “You Proof” at the Country Music Awards in 2022, with Indie cheering him on in the background. Wallen has also talked about the importance of sobriety in his performances and how it has helped him stay focused on his music.

Overall, Wallen has been focused on moving forward from the controversy and improving himself. He has acknowledged his mistakes, apologized for them, and taken steps to make amends. Through it all, he has been grateful for the support of his fans and the opportunity to continue making music. With a new perspective on life and fatherhood, Wallen is poised to continue making an impact on the country music scene.

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