Mother Begs School to Stop Her 10-Yr-Old Son’s Bullies, Then 200 Bikers Show Up at His Front Door

Bullying and child abuse cause mental torture to the victim. Katie Layblot, the mother to 10-year-old Xander Rose, knows that too well.

Xander is a 4th grader who is a victim of bullying, thanks to his race, weight, and often wearing a leather jacket to school. Xander’s mom reached to the organization to help out his son.

Earlier this month, 200 bikers showed up and escorted Xander to his elementary school in Nova Scotia. Xander weighs 150 lbs and stands at 5’2. The bikers shared Xander’s plight via a Facebook post.  Mike Basso, a member of the group, organized a rally to address the young boy’s plight.

The bikers met at the nearby shopping mall, picked Xander from his home, and took him to school displaying a parade-like atmosphere. The neighbors took the photos and cheered the group on.

Basso considers the little boy one of their brothers. Xander’s mom got in touch with the group when the school officials ignored her pleas concerning her son’s harassment. A week later, the bikers organized a rally where they addressed bullying and its solutions.

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