When the neighbors heard and endured the unceasing cries of a baby in a house in Yaroslavl, Russia, they had no idea what was going on in there, but that’s before the cries went on for days and they had to call in the cops. Turns out, there was a baby left all alone crying and crawling around in the house – for days!

Little Liza Verbitskaya was saved and taken to a hospital for treatment, and that’s how she came to meet Inna Nikka, a nice lady who had come to visit her son at the hospital. She met Liza one day when the little baby went into a crying fit in her room. Since then, Inna would always show up to visit her, even bringing her food and other supplies. And then she adopted her!

Inna made it her job to raise the kid and encourage her. Liza went on to win many ballet contests, going into modeling and becoming a kid celebrity of sorts. This story is so moving that so many people are touched to the core.

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