Nurses are some of the most selfless, dedicated and loving people on the planet. They would gladly give the shirts off their backs if it meant someone else would feel warm. One person who exemplifies what it means to be a nurse through and through is Richmond, Virginia resident Sara Putnam.

Sara spends nearly every waking second taking care of others – and her natural maternal instinct is why a judge recently awarded Sara with custody of her granddaughter, Isabella. Living with Sara was clearly the right choice for the baby girl, but it left Sara scrambling to prepare her home as well as gather clothing, food and supplies.

Sadly, this unexpected ruling forced Sara to do something unthinkable to provide for her newborn granddaughter…


Sara works as a nurse in the Henrico Doctor’s Hospital in Richmond and she and her coworkers are extremely close. They have to deal with horrific injuries, difficult patients, stubborn doctors and a schedule no one should be expected to work (while maintaining their sanity).

So when one of her coworkers, a woman named Pam Medina, walked in on Sara digging through the child donation box at the hospital, she immediate piped in and asked what was the matter. Why was Sara digging through any second-hand clothing at all, let alone items for children?

That’s when Sara opened up about her custody victory and how much she had to buy to provide Isabella with the best life possible. She had no idea that confiding in Pam would set forth a course of actions which would change their lives forever.


As soon as Pam got home from work that day, she ran to the computer and sent out a message to a host of different online mothers’ groups. Pam went behind Sara’s back in the best way to make sure she had the supplies she desperately needed.

At first, Pam thought that her plea would go unanswered – but then the messages started pouring in! Women from all over the state were willing to donate clothing, toys, safety equipment, furniture, food, car gear and so much more. Pam spent the following few days (and nights) driving hundreds of miles to pick up Isabella’s items, but it was all worth it.

The moment Pam presented Sara with the donated items was something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.


Check out Sara’s emotional reaction in the video below. What an amazing friend!

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