America’s Got Talent is unquestionably one of the most amazing talent shows in the world, and that means that we get treated to the most refined of the talents out there. The kid featured in this session is one heck of a load of walking talent. You won’t argue!

So here we have Darci Lynn, a 10-year-old ventriloquist who doesn’t believe in pulling stops. The moment she shows on the stage; people immediately expect something mind-blowing. Well, Darci never disappoints, as you’ll come to learn the moment you hit “play” on this video.  Brace for a rib-cracking moment!

Darci introduces her friend, old lady Edna. It turns out that old Edna has a crush on Judge Simon, and she would really like to prove her affection. For that, Darci suggests that she sing a romantic song for Simon. Wait for the moment the old stuffed lady starts working her vocals and whipping around with her walking staff. The house is down!

You want to hear what the judges had to say about Darci’s heart-stopping performance. This little one is clearly a genius in what she’s doing.

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