Parents Are Outraged After Principal Says Girls Shouldn’t Wear Leggings Unless They’re Size 0 or 2

Body shaming is not acceptable. Some people are very conscious about how they look and body shaming takes a toll on them.

One South Carolina’s high school principal has come under fire for some inflammatory comments she made. Heather Taylor, Stratford High School’s principal, said that girls who are not skinny should not wear leggings as pants. Why? They make them look fat.

Allison Veazey is a student at the school who was upset when she heard the comment. Allison is not size zero or two but she loves wearing leggings.

The principal’s comment elicited different reactions from parents and other people who commented on the school’s Facebook community page. They term the comment as disheartening and disgusting.

The school principal, however, says that her comments were not meant to hurt or offend the students. Even though she explained her stance, the parents and students are still infuriated with her statement.

What do you think about the principal’s comments? Was she justified to make such comments?

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