Parents Put Their Baby Girl To Bed. Hour Later, Wake Up to Whispering Coming from The Baby Monitor

A mom shared a black-and-white video on Facebook and now people are going crazy over it. The video, featuring Kathryn Whitt’s little baby, Sutton Whitt, is breaking the internet for the mere fact that this toddler knows a few cool things about God.

So this couple has installed a baby monitor for their kid. On this day, they heard some noises coming from the baby’s crib, so they turned on the monitor to see what’s was going on in there. What they captured on that video is what this is all about. It’s deeply intriguing!

Turns out, Sutton is a really ardent prayer person. She likes to pray for people. Before she slept, she made sure to make a short conversation with the Most High. She needed to thank him for giving her a nice mom and dad, and grandma and someone named “Robert.” She goes on to “read” a list of people she would like God to bless. I love this kid already!

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